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Get money for the Christmas by selling your junk car

There are many different ways that an automobile can become a clunker. The obvious road to junk-dome is old age. But people forget that a car that has been written off and totalled is also a junk vehicle, regardless of how old it is.

If the holiday season is creeping up on you, you will most likely be keen on getting any extra cash that you can to pay for presents, food and festivities. If you have a junk vehicle to sell, and you are thinking of selling it online, remember how long it takes to sell a vehicle online, and how complicated the process is. And the fact is that you will likely be busy preparing for the festivities. So why not simplify the vehicle selling process? How? By selling the car to a Qld cash for car!

What to Do First

The first step in the easiest and fastest method for selling cars is to contact us in order to get a free quote. We have a quote request form on our website, along with a number to call. When you contact us, you need to tell us the make and model of the vehicle, along with its age and condition. The team at the Qld cash for car will then calculate how much your unwanted automobile is worth and relay that estimate back to you in the form of a quote.

Shop around

Some cash for car companies may pay less than others. For this reason it is advised that you contact a few different companies. It is also true that not all cash for cars companies buy all makes and models. If you have a make that isn’t popular, you will most likely want to sell to an outfit that doesn’t specialise in any specific vehicle brands. Be sure to confirm that the company provide free pickup of your automobile as well. Especially if your auto isn’t running. At Qld cash for car, we offer free car removals in Brisbane.

Arrange for a Meeting (vehicle assessment)

If you are happy with the offer, the next part is to arrange with us a time and place for us to come around. This can either be on the same day, or if this doesn’t fit your schedule, a different day. We will want to inspect the vehicle in person, for obvious reasons. When we complete this task we will make a final offer. If you accept it we will then pay you cash for your car on the spot.

No Hassle or Stress

If the vehicle is not in running order and you have made sure that the company provides free removal, then this is where that free removal takes place. As far as paperwork is concerned, all you will have to do is sign your name.

Now you will have a little bit of extra cash for Christmas. Use it to make the holiday season everything that you want it to be and more! And now you will have the extra space on your property to make sure of it. Sell your car fast in Brisbane trouble-free now.