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How to sell your car fast in Brisbane

Author: Maisam | Date: June 27, 2017 | Categories: sell my car | June 27, 2017 | no responses

If you want to break all speed records for car selling, there is a method that has a one-hundred percent success rate. Put its price at one dollar. It’ll be snapped up in no time. If you find that idea as completely abhorrent as most people would, don’t worry. There are other ways that don’t involve shooting yourself in both feet, metaphorically speaking. Here are some helpful tips for selling your car quickly without ripping yourself off:

Prepare yourself for car selling

Having your affairs sorted and getting things done quickly all go towards making a fast sale. This doesn’t just mean being motivated and ready to act a moment’s notice. It also takes into account all the different things that need to be in place when the time comes where you will need them. Items such as the title of ownership. Items such as the maintenance records. The list can go on. Loan repayment receipts. The owner’s manual. You get the drift.

Give the car a good clean

You will be wanting to treat selling a car like looking for a job. When the time comes for an interview, you have a shower, a shave if you’re a male, you wear nice smelling scents and dress in your smartest threads. The same principal applies to your vehicle. It needs a clean, a wax, and any dings and scrapes to be fixed professionally. The Interior needs the same amount of prep.

Also, empty all the rubbish and personal effects out and make it smell nice. If the upholstery is worn invest in some car seat covers and mats.

Have the vehicle serviced

It should come as no surprise that a vehicle with no mechanical issues will be a more attractive deal for prospective buyers. You might think that your vehicle is in tip-top condition, however, it won’t hurt to get it checked by the car doctor. If there are any issues, the money spent on getting them fixed will be worth it when it comes down to negotiating.

However, if you can’t fix something for whatever reason, be honest and up front about it, and make sure the price you place on the vehicle reflects this reality.

Have the vehicle ready for the weather

If you want to really wow the buyers that come to look at your car, have it prepared specially for the current season you are experiencing. Mostly, if it is wet, have wet weather tyres fitted. If you live in a particularly cold area, have winter wipers installed. Replace the washer fluid with fluid that has antifreeze in it. Make sure the engine coolant is fifty percent water.

Make a great advert

Finally, take great photos of your vehicle. This isn’t so hard. There are certain angles that look dynamic and interesting, such as taking from a crouching position looking from the front corner of the vehicle. The surrounding space should have no debris of any kind, and there should be a minimum of sun glare or things reflecting on the surface of the vehicle.