money for christmas

There are many different ways that an automobile can become a clunker. The obvious road to junk-dome is old age. But people forget that a car that has been written off and totalled is also a junk vehicle, regardless of how old it is. If the holiday season is creeping up on you, you will […]

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If you have grown sick and tired of owning a junk car that you have been constantly procrastinating the disposal for some time now, maybe now is the time to say “enough is enough”. Plenty of folk put off the task due to lack of funds, fearing that the cost of removal may be very […]

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Making the most cash when getting rid of your old, scrap vehicle isn’t a difficult task. And the fact of the matter is that every now and then in someone’s life, they need to sell a junk car. And not everyone knows all the pitfalls that lie waiting for those that are unsuspecting. So here […]

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Nothing is immortal. This is the rule that cannot be broken. Not by men, not by animals, not by trees, and most definitely not by cars. Cars will not always be there for you in your time of need. There will come a time when it is best for you to scrap it once and […]

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