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How to deal with a Totalled car?

Have you and your car met misfortune on the road, resulting in the vehicle in question turning from a great car into a totalled wreck? The word “totalled” refers to the fact that your insurance company has labelled it as a “total loss.” This is a very stressful event for anyone to go through. And then, on top of that, you have to do something with the vehicle that is now useless to you.


If you want to minimise the amount of stress you are going through, it is good to know what will happen next. Along with reducing stress, you can also sort out a plan of action for dealing with your insurance company.

Keep the Vehicle and Get it Repaired

This is the option to consider if the automobile in question is in perfect running condition, and all the damage is tied up in cosmetic damage. If will probably be fine to drive. This is the kind of situation where it is best to repair the car.

This is also an option if the settlement value doesn’t match up to the amount that you will need to buy a replacement. In this case, your insurance provider will take the scrap value and deduct it, and you pay the remaining money.

Keep the car, but Don’t Fix it

If the vehicle is safe to drive around in, and all that is wrong is it looks a complete mess, then you will be fine to keep it. This is the normal option for people whose vehicle has only sustained paint loss or scrapes and dents. If all the insides are in perfect working condition, there may be no need to fix it up, at least until you decide the sell it. This is a good idea if the amount the insurance gets you isn’t enough to buy a new vehicle.

Part the Car out

Normally, if a car is totalled and not safe to drive, the insurance agency may purchase it and sell it. Whoever they sell it to will be buying it for the parts, and they will dismantle it accordingly. If you are an auto mechanic expert of some degree, then it is perfectly fine for you to do this yourself instead. You will get more money than you stand to get from the insurance agency.

Sell to a Cash for Cars Brisbane

Wondering where to sell your totalled car for cash in Brisbane? There are companies who buy totalled and wrecked cars. They buy cars that have simply gotten too old to drive. The crew dismantle them and sell the parts and materials for the purposes of recycling. They will buy any vehicle, regardless of the make, model or condition that the vehicle is in.

Of course, the condition the auto is in will impact how much money they are willing to spend on the vehicle. All you have to do is contact them and tell them all about the vehicle. And you will have sold it within the same day. Good luck!