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Selling a caravan? Check this out

When it comes time to sell your used caravan or other huge items you will want a smooth and effortless experience. Preferably, you can sell your caravan quickly, without troubles and at a price you are happy with.

Here we have compiled a list of important tips to help you get the smoothest possible experience when it comes to selling your caravan:

Sell it during the peak period

You should probably consider selling your camper at a peak time of the year. During the peak period demand is high, so you should get a great price by selling your vehicle at that time. According to surveys, the best time for selling campers commence from January to April. 

Set a fair price – Sell your caravan for cash

Be ready to negotiate, but start with a fair price in mind. It is best to have a look at what other sellers are asking for similar models. In order to get a good idea you can also research prices for your vehicle and write all the prices on a paper to set a fair price.

Highlight the essential details in your advert

It is always smart to include all the key attributes of your caravan in the advertisement. This includes the make, manufacturing year and asking price for the caravan.

Additionally, make sure to be as much descriptive as possible. We all know that buyers make sure to do their research before buying any vehicle. Thus, be ready to answer their questions, particularly if your caravan’s model or design has some common problems or limitations.

Remember that your prospective buyers will also want to how you have kept your van. Is it a comfortable van for only a couple or a good family camper? Though you won’t need to be as straightforward as mentioning the number of beds in the camper. Its condition will speak a lot about it so be more specific about highlighting the positive features. Below we have given some technical questions that caravan buyers often ask.

  • What car do you use to tow it?
  • How well has it been maintained?
  • Service details and history records.
  • What does it weigh (TARE, GTM and ATM)?
  • How many times you have used it?
  • Where has it been stored?
  • Total distance travelled, including on dirt, off road or on corrugations.

Make sure to prepare your answers upfront. Be honest, if the vehicle needs any repairs and also justify the cost. Most of the buyers will understand, but you will need to price the vehicle accordingly. Also, give a clear reason for selling your vehicle and describe how much you have enjoyed using the automobile.

Include good pictures

Including good pictures of your vehicle makes a big difference when it comes to selling it, particularly when it is as large as a caravan. These days you can easily take great pictures at high resolution by using basic cameras and smart phones. To make your camper look its best from inside, open the doors and window and switch on all the lights while taking pictures. It is best to photograph during the middle of the day. Take your time to upload a number of appealing photos in your advert.

If you wish, you can also consider adding a short video of you moving around the vehicle. It is an excellent tool for marketing and a number of websites offer this option. However, just make sure to keep your video relevant and short. Lastly, make sure to take pictures of any obvious defects like dents or rips.

Clean it

Make sure to clean your van properly as you can realistically afford it. Making small investments to improve the appearance of your vehicle help you sell it faster. Consider detailing it or replacing the zips and flyscreens. Use a moisture absorber such as Damp Rid and proper air your camper. Check that everything is working perfectly and use a bit of grease or oil to make it operate smoothly. Also, make sure to arrange all the receipts for work or maintenance in a file in order to show to your potential buyer.

Ensure to provide easy access to the van during inspection

When it comes to inspecting the vehicle, ensure to provide a pleasant experience. If the buyer visit you in the night-time, consider providing extra lighting so he/she can easily have a good look inside and under the vehicle. To show that everything is working well. You can better plug the van into power and gas the bottles, so the buyer can see that the fridge and oven are working well.

Be polite and don’t make the prospective buyer nervous. Make sure to give them plenty of time to have a good look over the vehicle.

Beware of online scammers

When advertising your vehicle always use a reputable website that is known for providing excellent safety protocols. Many good websites use an anti-fraud team that works 24/7 monitoring every advert and enquiry for both the buyers and sellers safety. If any buyer offers you more than your list price, it’s obvious to be suspicious, so make sure to meet the buyer in person before contracting any deal.

Follow these essential tips and get the top cash for caravans anywhere in Australia.