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Selling a car in Australia while living overseas

These days we can see more and more Australians are moving abroad for work, family or adventure purpose. However, sometimes you may unexpectedly find yourself in a situation when you may need to extend your stay for some more months or years. If this is the scenario, you may want to sell the vehicle that is sitting and collecting dust on your property in Australia. You will also want to avoid unnecessary costs like insurance fees, registration bills and finance payments.

The most complicated thing is to determine how you are going to sell it while you are living overseas. However, it can be difficult to sell your automobile when you are not living in Australia. As you will need to arrange a test drive for your prospective buyers, negotiate with them and make sure that you get the right payment at the end.

However, you can make this process hassle-free and smooth, even while you are abroad. Here are some easy to follow steps that will help you to achieve this.

Prepare the necessary paperwork

There is no doubt that every automobile sale requires some necessary paperwork for the proper completion. This includes all the essential documents such as the title of ownership of the car, registration paperwork, and other important documents for the sale.

You will need to prepare all the appropriate paperwork and sign it over for completing the sale effectively. Once you have done this, you can hand over all these documents to someone who can sell your car in Australia on your behalf. This will save you from any unnecessary delay when it comes to finally completing the sale of your automobile.

Even if you have moved overseas before organizing the associated paperwork, there is no problem. You can appoint someone who can look after this business and he/she will send you the appropriate forms so you can sign them over for your automobile’s sale in Australia. Doing all this will help you to avoid any obstacles or lengthy delays when your representative will find a right buyer for your automobile.

Find the right car buyer

When you have completed all the necessary official paperwork. You will need to search a right buyer who is willing to purchase your car. You can decide to communicate yourself with the buyers and advertise your automobile for sale. However, it can be quite troublesome to do so when you are overseas. In addition, many potential buyers will want to see your vehicle in person instead of just satisfying themselves by viewing its photos. They will want to test drive and even get it inspected by their own trusted mechanic to ensure it is working well. And, while you are abroad, it can be very difficult to do. Organize all those things can be very difficult.

The best option is to appoint a reliable person that can take care of all the work on your behalf. You can choose a close friend or relative who is ready to sell your automobile. Advertise it and find a decent buyer for it. Other than this, you can also consider hiring an auto broker who can act as your seller and conduct the sale of your vehicle in a smooth and right way. A great advantage of using an auto broker is that some of them will be even able to keep your automobile on their places. Save you money and hassle of organizing a place where you can store your automobile when it is put up for sale.

Negotiate a fair deal – best cash for cars

There are many factors, including the mechanical and cosmetic condition of your vehicle which play a great role when it comes to getting a fair price for it. However, it is up to you how you choose to assess the worth of your automobile. But it is best to have the condition of your car assessed accurately by your representative so you can get the confidence that you can get a reasonable price for it. If you are in a place with a different time zone. It can be tricky to negotiate with your prospective buyer. This is where you can use your in-country contact to handle this business on your behalf.

Make sure to set a minimum sale price with your representative or car broker before they start to advertise your automobile for sale and negotiate with the potential buyer. This is probably the best way to complete the sale of your automobile in a convenient way. Once they get a right buyer, they can smoothly complete the transaction process and immediately deliver the automobile without any delay or obstacle that can make the buyer lose their interest.

Get the payment and deliver the car

When the negotiations are completed, you will need to release the automobile to the new owner. As you can’t do it, when you are abroad, you can give the keys to your representative. Transfer all the relevant documents and complete the remaining important paperwork with the buyer.

During this part of the sale process, it will be best to take the help of an experienced person like an auto broker. They will also make sure to hand over the car keys to the buyer only after the right payment have been received in full.