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The difference between scrap cars and salvage cars

Your average cash for cars Brisbane service is asked many questions by prospective customers, and one of the most common queries is this one: Is there a difference between salvage and scrap cars? It is perfectly understandable how laypeople wouldn’t know this distinction. So this post will go in-depth in order to explain this concept.

Scrap Cars

The definition of “scrap car” is any vehicle that is considered an end of life vehicle (ELV). This generally means that it is over ten years old. This is a loose rule that isn’t without exceptions. But you can usually be sure that a vehicle that fits this description won’t have any parts on it that will be worthy of re-use. The auto in question is going to be recycled and disposed of.

A scrap car will be worth less than an end of life automobile that still has components that can be refurbished and sold as second hand parts. If you are on the hunt for a valuation of your scrap car, you will notice that it is more difficult to sell it. However, if you sell to a cash for cars company this will not be the case as they buy all cars regardless of their condition.

Salvage Cars

The term “salvage car” is for any vehicle that is in good enough condition. Where-by it can either be fixed and driven safely again. Or has parts worth salvaging. They are normally either ten years old or less. Any dealer that has interest in specific models or parts from those makes or models will be keen on purchasing that vehicle off you. However, if you are selling to a cash for cars company you will have no higher chance of selling as they don’t reject vehicles due to their condition.

What is the Fate of Vehicles that have Parts that can Be Salvaged?

Is your vehicle of the variety that either a: has parts worthy of salvaging, or b: can be fixed and driven again? You will be able to sell it to one of two different buyers. One is a dealer that can fix the vehicle and sell it for a profit as a used wheel. The other kind of buyer is the auto wrecking company. They are also referred to by some as “cash for cars companies” or “car removal services.” They make their living buying salvage cars and dismantling them. Selling the parts and materials.

Cars that have no salvage value can also be sold to cash for clunkers companies. This is because they will still be able to get money out of the scrap metal. You just won’t get very much money for it. However, at least you have a means to get rid of a vehicle that no longer services any use for you. It is also great for the environment. Due to the fact that the recycling of steel reduces the need for the mining of the ores that steel is made of.

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