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How to save your car from rust?

Author: Maisam | Date: November 5, 2017 | Categories: general | November 5, 2017 | no responses

One of the most common issues for car owners is rust. If you want your car to look nice, rust will be your number one enemy. And rust doesn’t only threaten how your car looks, it will also make it less safe, and it will also make it worth less money.

No vehicle on earth is impervious to the terrible rust curse. In fact, all you need to do in order to have a rust problem is to have water come in contact with the steel or iron on your vehicle. However, there are many things that you can do to make your car less likely to be a victim of rust. Here they are in all their glory.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Having your vehicle maintained properly on a regular basis will prevent many problems from occurring. And one of those problems is rust. The key is to wash your car. Wash it on the inside, and wash it on the outside. Don’t forget to get underneath it and wash the undercarriage. The engine bay is another place to wash. Don’t forget to wax it as well. Don’t use just any old soap either, use automotive soap.

Dry Your Car

As has been previously explained, rust occurs as a result of the steel and iron in your vehicle reacting with water and oxygen. If your vehicle ever gets wet in the rain, here are the places you will want to dry down at the end of the day. The edges, crevices and drain holes. It is the little nooks and crannies in your vehicle that are most susceptible to rust, so if they get wet you need to dry them off. Don’t just let them dry on their own, as they will start rusting.

Keep Drain Holes Clear

The drain holes on a car are there to let water exit, and not build up. If they are in any way clogged this won’t happen. Instead the water will accumulate. You can make sure that the holes are clear yourself every so often. Poke those drain holes that you find on your vehicle, such as these areas: the doors, the car trunk cover, and the engine hood. Make sure that any leaves and wood are properly removed as well.

Be Extra Aware Around Salt

This is a good habit for people who live near or around the beach. More effort will be needed to keep the rust at bay. Wash the car more often, and when you do it is good to mix baking soda to the water and soap. This will neutralise the salt. Don’t park your vehicle outside when at home, and try to avoid it in general. Instead park in your garage, or if you have a car port park there. Get a cover for your automobile as well. A weatherproof one.

Get some Anti Rust Products

Something like anti-rust spray may also help you to make your vehicle effectively rust free for as long as possible. Go to your local auto store and ask them about their range of anti-rust products.

Get Early Signs of Rust Sorted Straight Away

Every time you clean your vehicle give it a good check for any and all signs of rust. Look for chips, bubbles, and dark spots on the paint. Even the smallest sign of rust needs to be dealt with immediately. If not, it will spread very fast. Or if you leave it till later, you will just have a bigger rust problem to deal with later.

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