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Mazda Cars Cash Brisbane

If you knew that selling an old Mazda vehicle only had to take one day in order to complete, would you be over the moon with joy? If you answered yes to this question, then you may want to look into selling your Mazda to us here at QLD Cash for Car.

We are the Brisbane’s number one car wreckers and recyclers. We make a living out of buying old cars and recycling them. If you need some fast cash, or you are keen on getting rid of the junk vehicle lounging about on your driveway, we are your best bet. And to top it all off, you will get top cash for your Mazda as well.


We buy Mazda’s of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need to sell a truck, van, car, SUV, Ute or 4×4, you will be impressed with how much you can get for it. If your Mazda is in good enough condition we pay up to $5’999. Contact us today and in no time your car will be gone, replaced by a generous wad of top cash!

Pick up Broken Cars for Cash

It is no secret that other companies that buy junk cars, like we do, will make the person selling hire a tow truck. There are others still who, while performing the task of removal themselves, will then pay less for the car in order to make up the cost of removal. Here at QLD Cash for Car, we are proud to be doing neither of these things. We will remove your old Mazda free of any charge, guaranteed.

Any Mazda is Wanted, Regardless of its Model

As an experienced used Japanese car buyers, we buy all Mazda models. Do you have concerns when it comes to selling your junk Mazda to us here at QLD Cash for Car? Are you worried that we don’t buy certain Mazda models? This is an understandable thing to wonder. However, you can lay those concerns to rest after reading the next sentence.

We will buy any model of Mazda. Whether your Mazda is a

  • Cronis;
  • Biante;
  • Savanna;
  • RX-7;
  • Familia;
  • Millenia;
  • CX-7;
  • BT-50;
  • Carol Kei car;
  • Capella;

Or any other Mazda, we will not hesitate to purchase it off you. Why do we have such an inclusive attitude? Because we want everyone in Brisbane for selling their Mazda fast. It is important that nobody is denied our superior services simply because they don’t have the correct model of Mazda.

Sell your Mazda in Brisbane – Regardless of condition

Is your Mazda in a condition that would normally make it impossible to give away? Well, these aren’t normal circumstances. If you are selling your Mazda to us, you can be guaranteed that we will buy it off you. This is true no matter how wrecked or decrepit it is. Whether it is losing its battle with time and multiple parts are failing, making it effectively scrap, we will still pay good money for it. So don’t wait a moment longer. Sell your Mazda to us today and you will be glad that you did.

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