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Land Rover Cars Cash Brisbane

Do you currently have a Land Rover that is either broken down, old, or just no longer fulfilling its duties at a satisfactory level? Perhaps you are concerned that you won’t be able to get rid of it while getting a nice amount of money in return. And why wouldn’t you be concerned? Who doesn’t want to get some money back out of an old vehicle when the time comes to get rid of it?

If you live in Brisbane, you are in luck. QLDCashforCar are a Brisbane based cash for cars service, and we love Land Rovers. And we love buying them. So much so that we are prepared to pay top dollar for your Land Rover. So if you have an aging Land Rover, deteriorating on your property, call us at 07 3274 3428. Or get onto our website and fill out the form on the front page.


Ask for the car valuation, we buy any Rover car

The team here at QLDCashforCar have a huge amount of experience. And we love to use this experience in order to provide our customers with the best services. You could use an online valuation tool, but if your Land Rover is a scrap vehicle, you won’t get an accurate number. This is for a few reasons. Namely, the fact that they don’t take into account the amount of parts on the vehicle that can be salvaged. Not to mention the weight of steel and other metals on the Land Rover in question.

If you can call us, we will take down the main details pertaining to your Land Rover. This includes the make, model, age and condition the vehicle is in. You will receive an accurate and generous cash quote in no time.

We pick up junk cars in Brisbane

If you are happy with the cash quote you receive from us, the next step is for us to do an on-site inspection of your Land Rover. This can be done at a time and place that suites you. Then we will make a final cash offer of a generous amount. If the Land Rover is a junk vehicle, don’t worry about how it will be transported back to our place of business. We will take care of that aspect of the transaction ourselves. We will not offer you less money in order to make up for the cost of removal either. It is completely free. We offer the same day scrap car removal in Brisbane and an immediate suburbs.

Top cash paid for old Rover cars

Normally, the state of disrepair that your Land Rover is in would have a huge effect on how easy it would be to sell. However, we buy junk vehicles. So this means that we buy Land Rovers in any condition whatsoever. Are you worried that we will only buy certain models of Land Rover? You needn’t concern yourself about this either. We will buy your Land Rover regardless of whether it is a


Range Rover;



Discovery Sport;

Or any other model of Land Rover.

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