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Kia Cars Cash Brisbane

Has your once useful Kia vehicle become a junk vehicle? If you live in Brisbane, and you own a Kia that no longer serves any purpose due to its advanced state of disrepair, you will be wanting to sell it fast. One thing you definitely should not do is dump the vehicle in a landfill, or leave it to deteriorate somewhere on your property. Neither of these solutions will result in you getting cash for your Kia. Instead, you will be throwing money away.

Here at Qldcashforcar, we don’t see a scrap car. We see a veritable treasure chest full of parts and components. And because of this reason we will be more than glad to pay good money for it. And we will do this fast. You can expect to have sold your Kia within the same day that you contact us.


Top Dollar for Kia Junk Cars

Is your Kia in such bad condition that you can’t even drive it anymore? Is the cost of repairing it more than the amount of money that getting a new one would set you back? Contact us here at Qldcashforcar and you will get more money than anyone else in town will be willing to offer you. This is because we have a team of superb professionals who have a high skill level of expertise.

They use this to make sure that they assess the value of any given vehicle at a level of accuracy you just won’t find anywhere else. Depending on the condition that the Kia in question is in, your Kia could get up to $5’999. If you would like a free quote, get in touch with us today at 07 3274 3428 or fill out the form that you can find on our web pages.

Pick up scrap cars for money

We won’t make you pay for the transport of your junk Kia to our Brisbane salvaging yard. We won’t hide the cost by paying you less either. If you live in Queensland, we will remove your vehicle from your property entirely free of any charge. We won’t just collect your vehicle either. We will also do all the paperwork for you as well. Our unwanted car removal service is free and quick.

Best place to sell your Kia vehicles for cash

If one of your concerns is that we only specialise in specific Kia models, this is an understandable worry. We don’t want anyone to miss out of enjoying our superior service, which is why we buy all the different models of Kia. This includes:

  • Sportage;
  • Optima;
  • Sorento;
  • Cerato;
  • Soul;
  • Rondo;
  • Carnival;
  • Stringer;
  • Cadenza;
  • K900;
  • Niro;
  • Rio.

When selling a vehicle via the normal methods, you will find that the condition that the vehicle is in will make it harder or easier to sell. But this isn’t so when selling to us. We will buy your Kia no matter what condition it is in. Whether it has been written off, or has simply gotten older. So contact us today and get a free quote.

Get a Kia car valuation – We buy any car

We buy all Korean vehicles for a good amount of money so give us a call or fill a form via our web pages and you won’t be disappointed. Our vehicle recycling process is environmentally friendly.

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