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Handy tips for buying & selling an SUV

Author: Maisam | Date: July 13, 2017 | Categories: sell my car | July 13, 2017 | no responses

Whether you have assigned yourself the task of looking for an SUV to buy, or you want to sell the old one, there will be concerns for you to consider. SUV’s may be similar to normal cars in many ways, but they are very different in general. If you are looking for an SUV, you will have your reasons for wanting a huge set of wheels as opposed to a normal sized one. What are some of these concerns? Read on to find out:

What to consider when buying an SUV in Brisbane, QLD

Fuel economy: We’re all concerned about fuel economy. And it is certainly is true that the bigger a vehicle of any type, the more work the engine has to do to move it. And the harder the engine has to work, the more fuel it will use.

Safety: Have a look at the airbags in any SUV that you are looking at buying. There should be anti-lock brakes that are in full working order. Don’t forget the stability control, and check that as well. You might want to have a trained mechanic on hand to help.

Luxury features: When it comes to luxury features, you normally find more of them in the more expensive SUV’s. Of course, sellers will want you to buy the more expensive ones, so they use the luxury features to tempt you. Don’t buy until you can confirm that these features are in full working order. If they aren’t, you might be more able to drive the price down.

Maintenance costs: Look into how much these will be over time. This is more important the older the vehicle you are looking at. If the costs look expensive, you can actually use that as a point during the haggling process.

What to consider when selling an SUV in Brisbane, QLD

Focus on the amount of space: This is something to focus on if you find out that the prospective buyer hasn’t bought an SUV before. Most buyers will be extremely impressed at the fact that you can easily fit five people in the SUV.

Sing your praises about the SUV’s make: Research the make and model that your SUV is, and then you will be able to wax lyrical to the buyer about the brand of SUV you are selling. This might include a history of reliability and high performance.

Talk about this as well: Talk to the buyer about all the other great things your SUV is known for as well. All SUV’s have this great feature where you can fold the seats to make more space. There are even more great things SUV’s have. Talk about them all. Sell that SUV.

Clean your SUV: You need to treat selling a vehicle of any type as a job interview. The SUV needs to be clean so that buyers won’t run away just because it is dirty. It’s all about psychology. So get in there and scrub it within an inch of its life.