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All we need to know about car scrap yards

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Most of the people have heard about auto scrap yards that scrap old cars for cash. These are experts who remove old and beaten up automobiles for recycling and reduce their harmful impacts on the environment. However, only a few people have a good knowledge about how salvage yards actually operate? Some of them don’t even have a clear idea about how scrap yards deal with junk cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, and the Utes.

A recent Queensland private survey shown that more than 90% of unwanted automobiles are properly recycled and disposed in Brisbane. Thanks to the efforts of scrap yard owners who dispose every undesirable vehicle in compliance with government regulations. Salvage yards play an important role in eliminating the toxic substances of junk vehicles in the environment. This has also helped old car owners in contributing to the environment.

A salvage yard (also known as scrap/junk yard) purchase and remove decommissioned or busted vehicles for recycling. This is where broken automobiles are wrecked and stripped of recyclable components. After reconditioning the components are sold as used items in the second hand auto market. Other than this, parts which are damaged and not suitable for the purpose of reuse are sold to metal recycling services.

Strict Guidelines

Most of the professional scrap yards are responsible for handling all kinds of unwanted automobiles safely. This clearly means that they have to be very careful while handling the undesirable and toxic substances. Therefore, they need to follow certain rules and regulations prescribed by their respective local government. Although there are different laws and regulations for different states. But junk yards have to adhere to eco-friendly standards while recycling and discarding damaged wheels. By this they make sure that no dangerous material of run-down vehicles harms their valuable environment.

Why Sell Your Car to the Junk Yards?

When you feel that your used car, truck, van, Ute, SUV or 4WD have got outdated. It may be no safer to take you on safe and enjoyable family trips or transport you from house to office. In situations like this, it is best to scrap your unwanted vehicle with your local scrap yard. If you choose a company with good reputation, they will certainly take your undesirable wheels in any condition. This also means that they won’t bother you about the make, model, year and brand of the automobile.

How Scrap Yards Operate?

The auto salvage yards that are well-licensed and certified follow the appropriate steps while dismantling unwanted wheels. Check out the following step by step process:

  1. Draining out all the hazardous fluids: First of all, auto wreckers make sure to remove the hazardous fluids from the vehicles. If these toxic liquids get drained into the water bodies or leaks into the soil. It can lead to highly dangerous impact on wildlife and plants in the surrounding environment. Thus, liquids like antifreeze, Freon and motor oil must be safely removed before an automobile is disassembled for parts. They can be stored in sealed containers and used in future.
  2. Breaking the vehicle for parts: No matter how broken down, damaged or wrecked an automobile is. An experienced auto wrecking company will be still able to extract a good amount of recyclable parts from it. This includes removing the components that can be sold as refurbished parts. They can be sold to second hand car owners as well-tested and affordable used spare parts.
  3. Recycling Parts: When a vehicle is disassembled for parts, there are some components that are not worth reusing. They may be either damaged or harmful. For instance, a dead vehicle battery consists of toxic material that is lead. So, it is removed and recycled for other useful purposes. Just like this plastic present in auto battery can be also re-utilized in manufacturing new batteries.
  4. Crushing the car: Once all the usable and injurious components are removed from the automobile, it is recycled with environmental standards. While the remaining vehicle is sent to the crusher facility. There it is completely flattened and it’s shredded into tiny metal pieces.

What to do before selling your car to Wreckers?

When you have a scrap vehicle selling it to your local auto wrecking yard is a great way of making fast money. This process is a simple way of making your efforts to protect the environment from hazardous substances of old automobiles.

  1. Remove all of your valuable components
    Before accepting the cash quote from any firm, make sure to determine the parts which you can sell individually. You can take off those components and sell them for a good profit. It can include all valuable parts like windows, exhaust, audio system, cooling system, windshield wipers and battery doors.
  2. Take off all your personal items
    When you own a vehicle, it is one of the things that you may used most often. Thus, it is normal to forget your personal belongings in it. Before you contact a junk yard, make sure to take out all your personal items from it. Otherwise, you can lose any valuable item. Often times, people forget about the legal papers which could be very important.
  3. Make sure to have a valid title
    While selling your junk automobile to a salvage yard, you will have to present a valid title. It is required to transfer its ownership properly. When the tow truck driver arrives to collect your used automobile, make sure to keep a valid title in hand. If you don’t have a valid title, you can request a duplicate registration one from your local DMV office.
  4. Don’t forget to remove the license plates. If there is any fuel left in your tank, you can remove and store it for further use.

Final Words

Consider selling your automobile to an experienced and dependable junk car buyer like Qldcashforcar. We will provide you a really simple and trouble-free auto removal service. If you want to know how much price we can pay for your wheels, quickly contact us today.

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