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5 reasons NOT to buy an electric car

When it comes to electric automobiles, different people have different opinions about them. In fact, even the owners of electric vehicle have different views of warning. Thus, it’s obvious that one must consider before buying and driving an electric automobile.

Let’s discuss about some general reasons for not to purchase an electric vehicle:

Not available at any price

According to General motors there are 10,000 buyers who are more interested than you to purchase an electric vehicle. Some people show great interest in electric motor vehicles. For example, recently launched Nissan Leaf had a huge number of buyers (about 20,000) in the waiting list.

Apparently, Extra Fuel Costs

If you don’t like to do some calculations, driving around an electric automobile can be insane. You may already have a specific number of distance to cover, so you’ll need to pay attention. Basically, this means you will have to calculate the distance you have to cover to reach your destination.

If you drive over 40 miles per day, the limit of your auto’s battery pack kicks in. For example, while using Volt’s more than the limit of its battery pack, it’s gasoline powered generator will start. It will charge the batteries and boost your wheels efficiency to cover over 300 miles. However, it’s 9-gallon tank only takes premium fuels. This means the owner may incur extra fuel costs.

It charges slowly

Electric auto advocate Plug in America, you need to spend around $2-$4 per day to charge an electric vehicle. According to General Motor’s, Volt fuel charges only cost $1.50, but it may vary based on the time of charging and your location. However, it still takes several years to recoup the extra cost of your automobile. But you must first take care about time savings instead of cost savings.

 Unprofessional service centres

When it comes to fixing issues in electric vehicles, mechanics haven’t had an opportunity to become electricians. Unfortunately, they offer unprofessional services without a smile. You may have difficulty in finding certified dealers, if you own an EV.  However, newer versions of EV’s generally doesn’t need a lot of repairs and service over time.

Shocking sticker price

Usually, the price rates for electric automobiles are shocking. For example, the price of the Volt was very high around $40,000. While, Tesla cost about $100,000. A portion of those large costs is usually offset by tax breaks and credits provided by some particular states. However, a quirky drawback is that you can get more spacious and efficient automobile within the same price range.

In Conclusion

When it comes to buying expensive new devices like the iPhone, tablet or laptop, you will need to pay a premium. Provided if it’s the first smart device that you are buying. However, when talking about electric automobiles. Many manufacturers are still working to fix some problems to produce a better next automobile. You can also wait till the price comes down, if you have a limited budget.